Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jordi Alba officially in FC Barcelona

passing the medical tests, signing the contract and Its ceremony, Standing at Camp Nou then the press conference, No doubts that It was one of the most important moments for the newest arrival for FC Barcelona.

Jordi Alba will never forget this moment when he signed for FC Barcelona and he stood at Camp Nou to declare that Alba became officially one of Camp Nou's giants.

Jordi Alba's Photos in Camp Nou

Monday, July 2, 2012

Spain 4-0 Italy Euro Final

the most pessimistic person would never expect what happened in Euro final between Spain & Italy, all the people expected to see high tactics and a defensive game, closed game, all the people expected to see Spain domination and strong Italian defensive lines, no goals just 1 goal would finish it and the most predictions was to reach the penalty kicks.

otherwise, yesterday as I expected and I think It was only me who predict the game this way, the tactics the way of the game, I predicted most of the game as I watched it before.

" ONE SIDE GAME " the only sentence that describes Euro Final, I don't know what to see and which review I wanna write now, yesterday FC Barcelona was playing.

I felt the enthusiastic spirits inside the players come out to the ground, running passing shooting pressing and the most part that I like always is " Tiki Taka " Barca's way to dominate the ball.

an awesome through by Iniesta to Cesc who passed it to Silva who translated it into Goal was the first among 4 goals, It appears so well that Italy wasn't exist no defense no control for the ball just 2 or 3 shots out of the area.

then It was Xavi's time when he passed the ball perfectly to Jordi Alba who handled It into the goal to declare that he deserves to wear Barca T-shirt, his performance yesterday was up to our expectations the left side was in his own control.

the expected change came when Del Bosque took Cesc out and replaced Torres who scored the 3rd goal then Juan mata who gave the Italians the mercy bullet at the last 5 minutes in the game.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Egyptian Football

Football is a phenomenon that has conquered the hearts of many world wide. Egyptian football offers a fascinating and unique look at the implications of the sport. For the better part of a century, Egyptians have been a people in love with football. As Egypt goes through this tough period in its history, for many in Egypt, football is all that remains.

Football is a unifying sport known by many to be the "beautiful game". This past time is more than just a "sport" for many and this certainly applies when Egyptian football is concerned. Football or Soccer, depending on what you would like to call it, is a game that has captivated the minds and hearts of billions. There exists a great amount of sub culture implied when examining football. There exists a sense of fandom and allegiance among the spectators that surpasses that of other sports. This is specially evident in "footballing superpowers" ( Egyptian football usually does not come to mind ), countries such as England and Spain.

However the true power of football transcends borders and can be seen more or less anywhere. Like the united states, where football has taken a backseat to a different sport of the same name. In the states there still remains a constantly growing infrastructure, including various training camps, academies and development centers.

A country who's football always intrigued is non other than Egypt. Egypt, currently a country marred by political instability, will always remain in love with football. Egyptian football has recently been shown in a not so positive light. When the topic of Egyptian football is brought up, one might recall the recent tragic events of Port Said. The Port Said football disaster and 79 lives that it took, will live long in the memory of the Egyptian people. The event will forever remain a blemish on the wide landscape that is Egyptian football. At the core this event had little to do with football and more to do with thuggery and the desire of some to instill fear in a population.

Similar to its people, Egyptian football reveals a history of trial and tribulation. Egypt, the African continents most successful team has been crowned champions a record 7 times. Three African cup of nations titles were won under the helm of Egyptian coach Hassan Shehata, this 6 year period was seen by many to be the "golden era" of Egyptian football.

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